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Find everything you need to be successful in your PTA role, from basic trainings to leadership development tools.  You'll also find links to forms and templates and other helpful resources.  

Questions?  Contact Felicia Kochalka, Council Technology Chair

  Tanisha Doyle, Council Social Media/Publicity Chair

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Includes important information for FISD PTAs and how to lead successfully in your specific board role on your campus.

Updated annually (August)

This training will guide you through key steps to complete during the summer to ensure a successful upcoming year!  (Recommended for spring.) 

Updated annually (May)

Interested in setting up a FREE Google Workspace account for your PTA?  Follow these step by step instructions to get started today!

FOUNDATIONS BASICS Communications Webinar (Required) (external link)

All board members new to their role are required by TX PTA to watch the BASICS Webinar.  If you have never served PTA in your current role, or have served in the past but never taken the TX PTA Basics, please be sure to complete this online training within 30 days of election or appointment.

FOUNDATIONS Essentials Webinar (Required) (external link)

This introductory course is for new PTA leaders; all board members are required by TX PTA to complete it only once in their PTA service.  There is a $10 fee to access the online course materials/webinar.   A copy of your certificate of completion serves as your receipt for reimbursement. This online training is required to be completed within 30 days of election or appointment.

FOUNDATIONS BASICS  Boardsmanship Webinar (Required) (external link)

Every person serving on a PTA board is required by TX PTA to take the Boardsmanship training within 30 days of election or appointment.  This training will help you in your role by reviewing the basic responsibilities and functioning of a PTA board. 

FOUNDATIONS BASICS Advocacy Webinar (Recommended) (external link)

This training is not required for your role, but will help you to understand the importance of advocacy and how to successfully advocate for your students as a PTA board member.

INSIGHTS Trainings

Further develop your core leadership skills critical for long term success, including communication, marketing your PTA, conflict management, and more! For all board positions.  Please visit often as we continue to build our Insights training library.

Full Circle Leadership is TX PTA’s very own leadership development certification program. By focusing on the five key areas of technical, intrapersonal, forward-thinking, interpersonal, and adaptive skills, Texas PTA leaders are able to enhance their skills to become even more successful and effective. 

Resources: Meeting Support

Meeting Checklist (Google Doc)

Review this list before each meeting to make sure you have everything you need to be successful.

Note: To customize, you must open document, download or save to your google drive, then edit

By-Month Checklist (Google Doc)

Most chair duties vary by month, from fulfilling TX PTA requirements to board needs.  We've taken TX PTA's checklist and added FISD-specific items to the list, giving you a comprehensive overview of your year. Use this "by-month" checklist so you never miss a step!

Note: To customize, you must open document, download or save to your google drive, then edit

Carry this with you to your board and membership meetings for easy reference on how to phrase a motion, who makes it, and what vote is required.  Gives specific examples, including budget adoptions and amendments, approving minutes, and more!

Resources: Forms & Templates

Plans of Work (Examples) (Google Doc)

Before completing your POW, review an example for your board position... then make it your own!

Note: To customize, you must open document, download or save to your google drive, then edit

Blank POW for use by you or your board.

Note: To customize, you must open document, download or save to your google drive, then edit

Social Media/Web Request Form (Example) (Google Form)

Save time and improve communication with campus community.  Ask Board chairs to complete this form whenever they would like an event or information posted on any PTA media platform to ensure announcements are timely and accurate!

Note: To customize, you must open document, download or save to your google drive, then edit

Communications Calendar Template (pdf)

Under construction! Please visit again soon for an update on availability of this template.

Resources: Policies & Guidelines

Standards of Continuing Affiliation (Required) (external link

Explains all TX PTA requirements for remaining in Good Standing.

Required by TX PTA to be completed annually by all board members.

Social Media Policy (Recommended) (external link)

PTAs may customize this policy, if desired, and put it before their membership for adoption.  It is recommended, but not required.

A helpful overview on how to manage events, and the funds raised, while remaining in compliance with TX PTA, state and federal guidelines.

These guidelines from FISD must be followed by all PTAs in the district.  Includes information on governance, partnerships, fundraisers, and more.  Updated annually.

Resources: Guides & Other Helpful Tools

All-In-One Calendar (pdf)

This all-inclusive calendar from Council includes dates from the FISD calendar, TX PTA membership award deadlines, Council training dates, national days of recognition (healthy lifestyles, environmental, hospitality, etc) and more!

A great resource from TX PTA for guidance and best practices.  

Download or print. Updated annually.

Use this link to directly access all of the helpful information from TX PTA for your board position.

Serving on an executive board extends beyond management and completion of your position specific duties. It’s very important that you understand the duties of the executive board and your duties as an executive board member. 

Download or print. Updated annually.

TX PTA Local Roster (external link)

This Google Roster from TX PTA helps you track your path to good standing and membership awards.  Bookmark it and check back frequently to stay on track!

A great resource from TX PTA. Learn about your role as facilitator, the power of mission and purpose, building rapport, drawing boundaries, and increasing the effectiveness of meetings.   

Download or print. Updated annually.

District listing and map of all FISD campuses and facilities

District calendar for the current school year.

District listing of feeder patterns for neighborhood subdivisions

Graphic of District feeder patterns by campus

Recognitions & Awards

Is there a fellow board member who has gone the extra mile?  Has she/he done something that exemplifies one or more of the LEAD leadership qualities... (Learn. Engage. Advocate. Drive.) 

 Leadership is about the choices and actions we take each day, big and small.  Recognize someone on your board for going the extra mile - let them know they are appreciated!  Winners will be invited to attend the next Council Delegates meeting for public recognition of his/her outstanding contributions to your PTA!

Has your PTA or campus tried something new that worked well?  Have you revamped an old program and gotten great feedback?  Help us to celebrate your board's achievement and share it with other campuses.  Let's succeed together!