Educational leadership has impact beyond the boundaries of the classroom

Educational leadership encompasses the ability to influence and contribute to the educational, social, and emotional development of children while creating an inclusive environment. To be successful, you must have the right tools, strong partnerships, and opportunities to make education more accessible to all children. Our PTAs are devoted to the educational success of children and promotion of family engagement in schools.

Lead your PTA in developing programming that inspires and elevates students and families

PTAs partner with parents and teachers to enrich the educational experience and overall well-being of students. Explore our course offerings to learn how to leverage TX PTA legislative priorities to bring even greater relevance to your programming choices, how to work with other board chairs to make the sum greater than its parts when it comes to programming choices, and more!

Education courses will benefit all leaders. Our "Essentials" trainings in this section are geared towards specific education-focused PTA positions, while the remaining trainings and resources are developed with all PTA board members in mind!

"Essentials" in this section focus specifically on the PTA roles of:

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